* Un*x version server (common) [#ee36f821]

** Cannot connect from remote hosts [#n29d6b5a]

If the server can be connect only by localhost, i.e., if vncviewer localhost:1 works, then probably Firewall setting need to be changed.

VNC uses '''displayno'''+5900 port.  If firewall is enabled, TCP port displayno+5900 needs to be opened.

Or, alternatively, you can use SSH tunneling.

** Clipboard [#jc35e21a]

*** Cannot use clipboard [#r3350d81]

First, check if windowmonitor is running.

** Misdetection on log on screen [#b505f35c]

On GDM, metavnc server sometimes misdetect transparent region. This case can be solved by changing the policy of detecting transparent region. 

+ root (only the root window is transparent)
On GNOME or KDE, the desktop window need to be hidden by the method written in "How to hide the desktop window."
+ wmon (wait until windowmonitor is launched)
The windowmonitor need to auto-start after log on. 

** Background does not get transparent [#ief12ab8]

*** KDE4 [#eb0306ef]
On KDE4, background cannot be transparent if XComposite extension is enabled.
See "How to hide the desktop window".

** How to hide the desktop window [#rae10505]

*** GNOME [#ha40cb8c]

Run nautilus with --no-desktop option.

*** KDE3 [#j64312ea]

Configure not to autostart kdesktop.

E.g., remove autostart/kdesktop.desktop in $KDEDIRS(default: /usr/share/).

*** KDE4 [#u5243c03]

Configure to autostart plasma with -nodesktop option.
After plasma is launched, iconize it.

E.g., modify the autostart/plasma.desktop in $KDEDIRS(default: /usr/share/) as follows;
 Exec=plasma -nodesktop

* Un*x version server (Xvnc version) [#z47b12df]

** Failed to start [#n27abea6]

First, check ~/.vnc/'''hostname:displayno'''.log 

*** Cannot find fonts [#nafe6924]

Check if 75dpi and misc fonts are installed.
Check the FontPath. See [[Setting up the Linux version server]].

*** Cannot find rgb.txt [#o027155c]

If the following error is detected, probably rgb.txt is not installed. (E.g., Ubuntu 8.10)
 Couldn't open RGB_DB '...'

The workaround is as follows;
 % tar xzf X11R6.9.0-src2.tar.gz
 % sudo cp xc/programs/rgb/rgb.txt /usr/share/X11/

* Un*x version server (vnc.so version) [#yd1385e6]

** Failed to start [#i7059371]

First, check /var/log/Xorg.0.log.
But, please ignore errors on "rfbmouse","rfbkeyb".

*** X.org xserver 1.4 and later [#wba9e1a4]

Unfortunatelly, current vnc.so server does not support X.org xserver 1.4 and later.  See [[X.org xserver 1.4 and later]].

** Some keys doesn't work [#b54c5c52]

Check "XkbModel", "XkbLayout" of "InputDevice" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

* Un*x version viewer [#gd5f8e4d]

** Install [#c27323cb]

*** Erros on installing RPM [#s2aa46ea]

In the case of the following error,
 % rpm -Uvh metavnc-0.6.6-1.i386.rpm
 error: Failed dependencies:
         libXp.so.6 is needed by metavnc-0.6.6-1.i386

Install libXp.
 % yum install libXp

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