This is a quick instruction to connect a remote Linux desktop from a Windows desktop.
If you are familiar with VNC, it must be very easy to start.
It should work on Fedora Core 2 to 8.
It should work on Fedora Core 2 to 10.

+ Download the following files
-- [[metavnc-server-0.6.6-1.i386.rpm:]]
-- [[metavnc-win32-0.6.6.exe:]]
-- [[metavnc-wmon-0.6.6-1.fc8.i386.rpm:]]   (''Fedora 8'')~
-- [[metavnc-wmon-0.6.6-1.fc8.i386.rpm:]]   (''Fedora 8, 9, and 10'')~
[[metavnc-wmon-0.6.6-1.i386.rpm:]]   (''Fedora Core 5, 6, and 7'')~
[[metavnc-wmon-0.6.6-1.fc4.i386.rpm:]]   (''Fedora Core 4'')~
[[metavnc-wmon-0.6.6-1.fc3.rpm:]]   (''Fedora Core 3 and below'')
-- [[libstdc++34-3.4.0-1.i386.rpm:]]
(''Fedora Core 2 only'') ((This RPM seems to work on Fedora Core 1, too.))
+ [''Fedora Core 2 Only''] Install the libstdc++-3.4~
  % rpm -Uvh libstdc++34-3.4.0-1.i386.rpm
+ [''Upgrading from version 0.6.5 and below''] Remove compat-libwnck which is no longer needed on and after version 0.6.6.
  % rpm -e compat-libwnck
+ Install the Linux version server by using RPM~
(In the case another vncserver is installed in your system, it will be replaced.)
  % rpm -Uvh metavnc-server-0.6.6-1.i386.rpm metavnc-wmon-0.6.6-1.i386.rpm
+ Install the Win32 version viewer by launching the installer
  > metavnc-win32-0.6.6.exe
+ [''Fedora 10''] Install X fonts~
On Fedora 10, the following fonts need to be installed.
  % yum install xorg-x11-fonts-75dpi xorg-x11-fonts-misc
+ [''Fedora 8 and later''] Install and start X Font Server~
If X font server is not installed, install xfs.
  % yum install xfs
Then, start the daemon.
  % /etc/init.d/xfs start
+ Edit the ~/.vnc/xstartup~
For Fedora series, replace with the following.
 exec /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc
+ Start the Linux version server~
(It will display the '''hostname:displayno''' pair after "New 'X' desktop is ".)
  % vncserver
  New 'X' desktop is host:n
+ Firewall Setting~
If Firewall is enabled, TCP port '''displayno'''+5900 needs to be opened.

+ Launch the Win32 version viewer from the start menu.
  Start - All Programs - MetaVNC - MetaVNC Viewer
Enter the '''hostname:displayno''' pair if VNC Server is asked.

That's all. Enjoy!

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