Current does not work on xserver 1.4 and later (e.g. Fedora 9 and Ubuntu8.04).

I am considering to switch X11R7.x based VNC because it is getting harder to follow latest xserver with X11R6.9.0 based code.

Firstly, I thought Modular xf4vnc was the best candidate.

The following patch can be applied on the modular xf4vnc as of Jul. 24, 2008, or xorg-server-1.5 with xorg-server-1.5-xf4vnc.patch.

Tested on Fedora 9.

On the other hand, on xorg-server-1.4 based system such as Ubuntu 8.04, the above version of xf4vnc cannot be used. So, use the following patch against xorg-server-1.4;

Then apply the xf4vnc-metavnc.patch.

At now (Feb., 2009), it seems that TightVNC adopted by Fedora 11 seems to be the best candidate.

Attach file: filexorg-server-1.4-xf4vnc.patch 892 download [Information] filexf4vnc-metavnc.patch 993 download [Information]

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Last-modified: 2009-02-07 (Sat) 08:03:54 (3269d)