Do not forget to install the Mirror Driver, which will enhance the performance but is not included in the installer.

The DF Mirage Driver can be found at

Upgrading from the version 0.3.5 or below

MetaVNC win32 server version 0.4.x or later is not Ultr@VNC based any more.

Please replace the mirror driver from the Ultr@VNC's to the TightVNC's to upgrade the MetaVNC win32 server from version 0.3.x.

To uninstall the Ultr@VNC mirror driver, go to the folder you unzipped the driver and do the followings;

> setupdrv.exe uninstall

More information can be found at the Ultr@VNC website ( ).


Mirror Driver

By default, the mirror driver will be used if it is installed. The status can be checked at the "Hooks" tab in the "Properties" dialog after connected by clients.


Meta Window Manager

To enable the Meta Window Manager, check the "Enable Meta Window Manager" check box in the "Server" tab in the "Properties" dialog.


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