By default, it is impossible to run multiple WinVNC servers.

However, you can run multiple VNC servers by disabling the following part in winvnc/WinVNC.cpp;

	// Check for previous instances of WinVNC!
	vncInstHandler instancehan;
	if (!instancehan.Init())
		// We don't allow multiple instances!
		MessageBox(NULL, "Another instance of WinVNC is already running", szAppName, MB_OK);
		return 0;

The second VNC server will usually listen on port 5901 (if it is not used yet), so you can connect it by specifying "hostname:1".

Note that vncService.cpp uses FindWindow? API to find a WinVNC instance. So, probably you have to change MENU_CLASS_NAME at least. (Maybe you have to resolve other conflicts.)

This tip might be helpful if you want to try MetaVNC server on a computer on which another VNC service is running but you don't have enough privilege to disable that service.


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Last-modified: 2006-02-05 (Sun) 10:45:59 (4367d)