Drag and drop

Currently, drag-and-drop'ing between different remote desktops is not supported.

It will be great if file transfer starts by drag-and-drop'ing.

Order of windows

In current implementation, clicking a remote window will raise another unwanted windows.

This is inconvenient and sould be fixed in the future release. First of all, the server need to tell clients the regions of each window, which must be realized by enhancing the server side.

Desktop (background) screen

MetaVNC should make most use of the desktop screen. Currently, this area is just black (the Java viewer). In future, we should support desktop icons and right-click menus. The configuration should be global, therefore, the meta window manager, currently the viewer, should handle this.

By the way, the win32 viewer puts the local desktop on that area. This approach may not be right as a thin-client, but not so bad in my opinion.


The states of the client should be stored in the server side, so that the states of the client can be migrated. The states include which servers a user is connecting, the order of remote desktop screens, etc.


The primary focus of MetaVNC is to merge desktop screens seamlessly. However, it is sometimes more convenient if users are aware of which remote server they are using. Therefore, MetaVNC will support both options.

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Last-modified: 2006-01-02 (Mon) 02:09:49 (4401d)